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Movie Review…We Need To Talk About Kevin

(4/5)  The creepiest and saddest movie I have ever seen…I have never heard or seen Ezra Miller but he played demon spawn child too good, something about the eyes lol.  Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite actress and I think this is one of her best performances.  She has an uncanny presences on the screen.  John C Reilly, gets the worse father award in cinema history, LOL.  I have never seen such a naive adult in my entire life.  His character will make you extremely angry during the film.  We need to talk about Kevin was produced from a novel in 2003 by the same name.  The film is about a fictional school mass murder.  Instead of being from the view of the killer its from the view of the mother.  Ofter in these cases the parents are forgotten and the media focuses on the killers.  These types of murderers often kill themselves leaving society with no one to blame but the parents that raised them.  This was a great movie.    

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